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Nightly Beers 2013-08-23

In an attempt to create content for the blog, I’m going to start doing brief rundowns of the beers I drink when I open new, cool stuff.

Got off from work around 11:15, started re-heating leftover pasta sauce for dinner. Cracked the brand new Stone 17th Anniversary Gotterdammerung IPA, all German malts and hops. Slightly darker than straw yellow color, more of a light orange/brown with a thin head. Aroma and flavor are all earthy spice, as expected from an all-German hopped beer. I wish it had a bit more body to back up the hops and to accentuate it’s “German-ness,” but ultimately Stone made the beer they want to make.

Stone 17th Anniversary Gotterdamerung IPA

Stone 17th Anniversary Gotterdamerung IPA

Nine percent ABV. Lots of hops. Late night. I think that’s it for me (especially after a large and very late dinner). Cheers.


The Most Authentic Marzen? — Spaten Oktoberfest

A woman I know from Germany always gets a case of this when she celebrates Oktoberfest here in the States, so I figure this is one of the most authentic ones we get in the States. Woot, woot.

Pours clear, slightly brown-orange, with a thick white creamy head that dissipates about halfway pretty quickly but leaves amazing lacing. Aroma is sweet, with a grainy kind of quality. Not in that cheap macro sense, but like a really nice multi-grain bread. The term “liquid bread” was invented for these kinds of beers.

Flavor is much the same, very grainy and bready with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Goes down smooth and very easily. The sweetness is balanced nicely by the roasty bitterness on the back of the tongue. This is one of those Oktoberfests that I tried for the first time three or four years ago and didn’t really care for, but every year I appreciate it more.

Beyond the Pour grade: A

By the way, I know I’ve been using these text reviews for a lot of Oktoberfests, but I really don’t want to bother shooting videos of beers that are really very similar, but I still want to do some kind of review process for these. Once this season is done I’ll be varying my text reviews here a lot more.