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Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 11: Introduction to Beer Geekery

It’s been awhile since the last BtP episode, and I know people are just chomping at the bit for it… right? Probably not, but I apologize for the delay nonetheless. This was recorded about three weeks ago, and given a combination of work, school, and personal life I’ve just now gotten around to editing and posting it.

This week we decided to do an episode about getting started in craft beer, strategies for navigating the often-confusing world of barley, hops, and yeast for the new enthusiast. The conversation gets a lot more wide-ranging, and we do ramble on a bit, but it’s all in good fun.

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Show Notes

0:00 to 1:05: Introductions and Salutations! This episode Ryan and I are joined by Winton, aka Beerichituba/Yuichituba on Youtube, the man who originally coined the term “beertuber.” He’s a buddy of ours so we’re all too happy to have him.

1:05 to 6:57: Winton’s in Utah at the moment, and is drinking a Uinta Anniversary Barleywine. For some reason it turns out there’s significantly less Pliny the Elder in Utah than in his hometown of San Francisco! Who would’ve thought? Ryan’s drinking the Firestone Walker Reserve Porter, because who can argue with that? It’s at least fifteen months old, and he’s still getting hops! Amazing. I’m drinking a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, because at the time of this recording DFH had just come back to my market, and why not?

6:57 to 18:10: Our main topic: Getting started in craft beer. Winton just tried the Conflux #1 from Deschutes, and found it to be, well, a bit much. A blend of several different beers, aged in several different barrels, then blended. Is it worth it, especially at the price point? Can even a very sophisticated palate really get the complexity?

18:10 to 40:07: An extension of the above (it’s all based on trying to share great beer with new drinkers this time). Ryan’s been reading the last Zymurgy magazine which has a piece from Stan Hieronymus of on “Beer Rules.” It turns out this whole list is on his website, which you can find here: We spend a lot of time on this list, and could’ve probably spun every single item on that list into its own episode, so definitely check it out and send us comments at if you have thoughts.

40:07 to 41:30: Interlude. I have two musicians on this show, and yet I have no official theme song. What gives?

41:30 to 103:35: The official main topic! Finally! (Just kidding, guys.) Introducing new people to beer. You’ve had that first great beer, the one that convinced you that beer could be great, where do you go next? I get ideas from the guys to share with the world. (Hint: The BeerAdvocate Top 100 list is not the place for you right now.) Winton recommends finding food flavors that you like and match beers that way. Ryan says to try all the beers from a particular brewery you like. Both say try pretty much everything and go from there. Or maybe just pick a style you like and go from there.

103:35 to end: We took a little break and came back with more beer. I found another bottle of the Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary, so of course I’m drinking that. Winton’s still working on his Uinta Anniversary Barleywine, because apparently he can’t drink a beer properly (I kid!) and Ryan’s doing some homebrew. I decided to let this episode run a bit long because I had had a bottle share with a couple of friends of mine who are still getting into craft beer, and wanted to share with my audience. We get a little more unfocused during this section of the podcast, but there’s some fun stuff in here.