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Homebrew 2011-11-28 San Diego Session Ale

I start with an unboxing video of brew supplies purchased at Midwest Brewing Supplies with a gift card won in a contest put on back in July by Youtube channel BreweryShow. I know that sounds confusing, but I explain it a bit in the vid.

Then it’s on to the garage where I get on with mashing, boiling, and adding hops. I also try my most recent homebrew (the Black IPA, which turned out to be just a hoppy stout) on camera, and tease a future review to you guys.

By the way, this also counts as a Homebrew Wednesday vid!


Brief Beer Reviews: Pilsner Urquell and Budvar (Canadian Canned Versions)

I know I’ve already beaten Pilsner Urquell and Czechvar (Budvar in its native country) into the dirt through repetition on my channel, but fellow BeerTuber Lee sent me the canned versions from Canada per my request so I could try non-skuned versions sold in North Abmerica.

Long story short, they’re much better than the green-bottle skunky stuff available to me, but it’s still not quite the same as getting it fresh and locally-made. Much to my surprise.

Homebrew Wednesday 2011-11-23 — Jamison’s William Wallace Scotch Ale

Here it is, my very first “homebrew Wednesday” video here on Youtube. Woot! (And yes, I know this blog post is going up on Monday, but the original vid was posted last Wednesday so there.)

I’m doing a review of fellow Beer Geek Nation member Jamison’s William Wallace Scotch Ale.

Here’s the info he sent me on the beer:

Did a 90 min boil Used Scottish Ale Yeast Wyeast 1728 made a 3 L starter for it.

aged on 2 oz of french oak cubes soaked in Ardbeg 10 and 2 oz of American oak cubes soaked on Ardbeg 10. The Oak and Ardbeg went into the beer and aged for 6 weeks in secondary. Its 14% ABV.

17 LB American 2 row
2 LB Crystal 60
1 LB Crystal 90
3 LB Rye Malt
1 LB Peated Malt

2 oz of Chinook Pellets 13 AA 45 IBU’s

Great brew Jamison. Cheers!

Beer Mail 2011-11-19 (From Ryan AKA StumpyJoeJr)

I forgot some beer in San Diego. Ryan sent it to me. What else need I say except EPIC BEER MAIL!

Lost Abbey Angel’s Share (Brandy Barrel 2010 edition)

You may think that since this is the first review I’ve posted since coming back from San Diego, that I actually picked this bottle up out west. In actuality, I found this bottle in Chicago and have been sitting on it for a few months, and it just happens to be the first review posted since coming back from the hoppiest place on Earth.

And I have to admit that I was definitely disappointed by this beer. Very syrupy and boozy, not in a good way.

Beyond the Pour grade: C-

Beer Geek Nation Epic Bottle Share (Video 3 of 3)

Here it is: my very last video from San Diego. It’s been fun but good times never last for long.

This video was shot on my last night in San Diego, and is much more informal than the other bottle share videos. Basically we were all goofing off and drinking some amazing beer. Ryan discovers one of malt liquordom’s greatest characters, and Jamison and Chris argue about Black Tuesday and World Wide Stout.

0:00 to 1:08 Fantome La Dalmatienne
1:08 to 3:22 3 Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek
3:22 to 6:13 Debating Black Tuesday, Avery Mephistopheles, and Dogfish Head World Wide Stout
6:13 to 6:38 My last beer in San Diego
6:38 to 8:25 The dead soldiers of the epic bottle share


Thanks as always to Ryan for putting up with us for a week, to all the breweries that took care of us, and to the city of San Diego for not arresting our drunk asses.

And of course, thanks to all the viewers who have watched, rated, subscribed, and commented on all these videos!

Beyond the Pour Goes to San Diego Beer Week (Day 5)

This video is WAY shorter than the others, I know. I was running out of video space on the camera and didn’t want to have to buy a memory card. Also, we definitely slowed down quite a bit on the last couple of days and there just wasn’t much to show.

This was the day we did the Stone Brewery Tour, which you’ve probably already seen on the other guys’ channels. I didn’t film anything on the tour, but I’m in the other videos.

Here all we do is stop by Pizza Port Carlsbad for a couple of pints and some pizza. I’d definitely go back the next time I’m in San Diego.

I have on last video after this one, a very informal bottle share video.