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Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 4: Craft Beer in Alabama, Founders KBS, and Pouring Pliny the Younger Down the Drain

It’s time, once again, for another Beyond the Pour podcast. I know you guys have just been itching to hear what Ryan and I have been up to, haven’t you?


Apologies once again for the slightly rough feel. Allergies and cold-like symptoms struck me the day we needed to record this, so I ended up coughing quite a bit. I’ve edited out as much as I could. Also, eagle-eared listeners will hear my cats begging for attention once or twice towards the end.

Show Notes

0:00 to 24:04 What we’re drinking right now and what we’ve been drinking lately. Lightning Thunderweizen and Three Floyds Lord Admiral Nelson. Also: Stone’s AHA Homebrew Rally, and is Dark Lord is Three Floyds’ worst beer? The growing craft beer scene in Alabama since the passage of the Gourmet Beer Bill, and finally, melony IPAs as the wave of the future?

23:52 to 31:45 Listener email: stores not being able to get specialty beer releases unless the carry the standard line from that brewery. Fair or unfair? (If you have questions or comments for us at the podcast, please email beyondthepour@gmail.com.)

31:45 to 33:22 Ryan opens another beer: the Sam Adams Cinder Bock. A bacon-barbecue kind of aroma.

33:22 to 39:45 San Diego beer bar “The Neighborhood” is fighting against another San Diego location because they want to start selling beer to-go in the area. This made the national beer news websites, so I asked Ryan to talk about it.

39:57 to 46:14 The shitshow that was this year’s KBS release.

46:02 to 59:03 Ryan’s visit to the Churchill’s Finest Hour Release, and nearly dumping a pour of Pliny the Younger down the drain.

Thanks as always for listening, and I am still working on getting us onto iTunes to make this more convenient for everyone. Cheers!


Homebrew 2011-11-28 San Diego Session Ale

I start with an unboxing video of brew supplies purchased at Midwest Brewing Supplies with a gift card won in a contest put on back in July by Youtube channel BreweryShow. I know that sounds confusing, but I explain it a bit in the vid.

Then it’s on to the garage where I get on with mashing, boiling, and adding hops. I also try my most recent homebrew (the Black IPA, which turned out to be just a hoppy stout) on camera, and tease a future review to you guys.

By the way, this also counts as a Homebrew Wednesday vid!

Lost Abbey Angel’s Share (Brandy Barrel 2010 edition)

You may think that since this is the first review I’ve posted since coming back from San Diego, that I actually picked this bottle up out west. In actuality, I found this bottle in Chicago and have been sitting on it for a few months, and it just happens to be the first review posted since coming back from the hoppiest place on Earth.

And I have to admit that I was definitely disappointed by this beer. Very syrupy and boozy, not in a good way.

Beyond the Pour grade: C-

Beer Geek Nation Epic Bottle Share (Video 3 of 3)

Here it is: my very last video from San Diego. It’s been fun but good times never last for long.

This video was shot on my last night in San Diego, and is much more informal than the other bottle share videos. Basically we were all goofing off and drinking some amazing beer. Ryan discovers one of malt liquordom’s greatest characters, and Jamison and Chris argue about Black Tuesday and World Wide Stout.

0:00 to 1:08 Fantome La Dalmatienne
1:08 to 3:22 3 Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek
3:22 to 6:13 Debating Black Tuesday, Avery Mephistopheles, and Dogfish Head World Wide Stout
6:13 to 6:38 My last beer in San Diego
6:38 to 8:25 The dead soldiers of the epic bottle share


Thanks as always to Ryan for putting up with us for a week, to all the breweries that took care of us, and to the city of San Diego for not arresting our drunk asses.

And of course, thanks to all the viewers who have watched, rated, subscribed, and commented on all these videos!

Beyond the Pour Goes to San Diego Beer Week (Day 5)

This video is WAY shorter than the others, I know. I was running out of video space on the camera and didn’t want to have to buy a memory card. Also, we definitely slowed down quite a bit on the last couple of days and there just wasn’t much to show.

This was the day we did the Stone Brewery Tour, which you’ve probably already seen on the other guys’ channels. I didn’t film anything on the tour, but I’m in the other videos.

Here all we do is stop by Pizza Port Carlsbad for a couple of pints and some pizza. I’d definitely go back the next time I’m in San Diego.

I have on last video after this one, a very informal bottle share video.


Beyond the Pour Epic Bottle Share (Video 2 of 3)

This is a continuation of the beers shared on the night of video 1. Video 3 will include footage shot the following night, my last night in San Diego.

We took some well-needed advice from Chris Steltz, upped the pace and the tempo of the bottle share, and I suspect made a more entertaining video.

As noted before, I didn’t film everything we opened and you should watch the other BGNer’s channels to make sure you see all the bottles we recorded. There were also quite a few bottles that no one recorded, but we got a fair chunk of it.

0:00 to 3:35 Ithaca White Gold
3:35 to 6:18 Coronado Barrel-Aged Barleywine
6:18 to 9:27 Alpine Nelson
9:27 to 13:57 Midnight Sun TREAT


Beyond the Pour Epic Bottle Share (Video 1 of 3)

It wasn’t all brewery visits and tours while the BGN crew was in San Diego. We each brought quite a bit of beer with us for bottle sharing, and while we didn’t film all of it, we wanted to share it with our audience. So I hope you guys enjoy it!

This was the first two beers we shot video for, and we’re definitely a little rusty in trying to shoot with four people. Future beer sharing videos will be a bit punchier and shorter.

In this video we try Brewery Vivant Farmhand (brought by me) and Odell Woodcut #4 — Imperial Oktoberfest (brought by Jamison).

Thanks to the guys for the beer, to Ryan’s cousin Joe for filming, and to all of my viewers for watching!

0:00 to 0:48 Intro, goofing around
0:48 to 4:08 Brewery Vivant Farmhand
4:08 to 5:42 Opening the Woodcut, joking around
5:42 to 10:36 Odell Woodcut #4 Imperial Oktoberfest/Marzen