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Urban Chestnut SLIPA Double IPA

This one’s not from Lidney, but from a pair of friends who recently came into town from Missouri. Since I got a couple of giant boxes of beer, I figured I might as well just review them all.

The bottle tells me this is a “St. Louis India Pale Ale.” Presumably that doesn’t mean that it’s like Shock Top Wheat IPA. snicker


Pours straw yellow-orange into a nonic pint. Fluffy head leaves significant lacing. Smells lightly of orange, pine, some grapefruit. Slight oxidation? Hard to say.

Tastes smooth, generically “fruity,” with hints of pine and grapefruit. Slight metallic bitterness on the back of the palate. Goes down clean but leaves a bit of an aftertaste.

Not much to say on this one. The bitter aftertaste starts to catch up with me after awhile without some malt backbone or hop flavor to balance it out. Decent, but nothing great.

Rating: B-


Southern Star Valkyrie Double IPA

Another beer sent to me by Lidney (I think — I’ve gotten a lot of new beers lately from a couple of people). This one’s a canned DIPA from Texas.


Pours dingy orange, about half opaque. Lots of bready malt character on the nose, not a lot of prominent hops. Some bitterness for sure. Slightly metallic.

Flavor: Wow, very very smooth. More like a 9.2% pale ale than IPA. Nice biscuity malt, a hint of hop bite but very little hop character. Perhaps an old can? No date code that I can see. With the excess of caramel malt this is like a super-smooth barleywine or super-ESB than a DIPA.

The bitterness definitely starts to creep up on me as I get through the can. Metallic character starts to dominate the aftertaste. (Not from the can, of course, but from the extended aftereffects of the hops.) It’s not exactly a DIPA, but it’s not exactly bad, either.

I’m not sure how to rate this one. As a DIPA it’s substandard. It reminds me of either an old can that hasn’t been in great condition, or a early-draft homebrew recipe. I’d love to try it again and see if this can is just off, or if this is what it’s supposed to be.

Even though I don’t love this one, thanks a lot for the can, Lidney. I always like to try interesting new stuff.

Video Beer Review, Founders Doom

Yes, I shot this back in late April. Yes, I feel terrible about it. I’m going to be clearing out my archived reviews as fast as I can edit and upload them.

Look forward to more in the coming weeks.

Good People Snake Handler IPA (Video)

I actually shot this on August 14, the day I got back from vacation, which explains why I’m a bit rusty in the video.

This is a new brewery in Birmingham, AL, that doesn’t bottle at all yet. I’ve had this beer a couple of times when I was down south, but haven’t bothered to review it until now. A shop called Liquor Express in Huntsville, AL, has draft beer to-go sold in plastic milk jugs, which is the format for this review.

Is it a bit hyperbolic to call this beer better than Hopslam? Probably, but it’s still a pretty impressive beer. (Keep in mind I’m not really a huge fan of Hopslam.)

Beyond the Pour grade: A-

Check out Liquor Express in Huntsville here:
1802 University Drive
Huntsville, AL 35811

Bell’s The Oracle (5 Days Old!)

I’m in the midst of a bunch of review projects and besides that I’ve already done a video review of Bell’s Oracle (an aged and a fresh bottle vertical, no less!) but when the newest batch came out I figured it was worth doing a quick text review.

Plus, check out that batch number (with date)! I’m drinking this bottle about five days old. Which makes this pretty much a must-buy for me. 

Pours dark orange, very transparent, with a fair amount of carbonation coming from the bottom of the glass and a thick white head. Head dissipates fairly quickly, but leaves significant lacing. Aroma is mostly pine, very verdant almost like a Christmas tree (which gives me a homebrew idea: a big piney black IPA with Christmas spices marketed as a winter warmer). Some hints of grapefruit and pineapple but buried deep. Hints of sweet malt. 

Taste is much more heavy on the grapefruit, with a nice bitter abrasive finish and a very dry aftertaste. Tons of bittering hops in this one, but with a nice flavor addition towards the end. The alcohol is ridiculously well hidden. As the beer warms the grapefruit sweetness becomes more prominent, almost sticky.

I’ve long been of the opinion that this is better than Hopslam, and getting a super-fresh bottle just makes me more certain of it. I’m absolutely looking forward to drinking the other five bottles very soon.

Beyond the Pour grade: A

Norrebro Bryghus North Bridge Extreme Imperial IPA (Video)

This one almost made it in as part of Viewer Request Month. Fellow BGNer Peter long ago requested that I do more Danish craft beers, but we don’t get any in my area. When I took a trip up to Grand Rapids, I picked up this Imperial IPA.

Anyway, it’s called an Imperial IPA on the label. But based on how long it had been sitting on the shelf, I was guessing it was more of a strong barleywine by now. Tasting the beer, it turns out I was right. Which made for an interesting (if a bit long) review, as I’m trying to process it both as an “aged DIPA” and as a new barleywine.

Either way, I gave it a rating. It’s a pretty solid beer, so long as you don’t consider the Imperial IPA label.

Beyond the Pour grade: B