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Intermittent Vacation Update 1

I don’t know how many of these I’ll do, but since I’m not able to edit/upload videos at the moment (and I haven’t even had anything to shoot yet) I figure I might as well give you a quick vacation update.

About eight hours’ drive from Kalamazoo to the lakehouse near Scottsville, KY. Shana and I split the driving not quite in half, but I figure I’ll be doing enough later in the week to make up for it. The family members I’ve seen so far are doing well, and Shana’s looking forward to going dress shopping tomorrow.

On a more beer-related note, I tried another bottle of the Off-Kilter English IPA, and it’s still not carbonated. I’m worried that I waited too long to bottle, as fermentation was almost completely stopped before I added priming sugar and bottled. I’m treating it as essentially cask ale right now, but making the recipe again I’d definitely bottle a little sooner.

Full review of the homebrew to come once I have access to editing software again.

Hopefully more vacation updates to come. Cheers!


Vlog 2011-08-02 Beyond the Pour, Viewer Request Month, and a bunch of random nonsense

Sorry this vlog is so long, but I had a whole lot to talk about this time. As you can tell by how fast I talk in the vid.

First, I’m changing the brand I’m using for my beer reviews, to something that people can actually say. From now on instead of Zymurgical Explorations (which I rarely say in the vids anyway) it’ll be “Beyond the Pour.” To this end, I’ve also registered this domain. I’ll be doing text reviews and other beer-related content there as well as posting vids, so I welcome all to continue to check it out.

Second, I talk about Viewer Request Month and the various things that entailed. It was fun, but a lot of work, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to everyone’s request. If I missed your review and you’re not mentioned in text in the video, send me an email to daniel.e.harper@gmail.com and I’ll see if I can get your beer done at some point. I’m always taking requests, so even if you didn’t email me during the project please feel free to send me a request even now.

I’ll be going on vacation from August 7-14, so this space will go dark during that period. I’ll be uploading the final four videos to get to #250 before I leave, and when I get back I’ll finally get around to doing all the beers I got in beer mails during the last couple of months. This includes all the beers sent by Chad and Lee.

Chadz Beer Reviews

Finally I give a shout-out to two new beer reviewers who have contacted me lately. Tommy actually game to visit me in the area (although unfortunately our schedules didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped) and Mr. Grim Viking has given me several shout-outs lately, so I figured I’d return the favor.

Whew! All that in thirteen minutes! I should have just shot two vlogs.