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Homebrew Wednesday 2011-11-23 — Jamison’s William Wallace Scotch Ale

Here it is, my very first “homebrew Wednesday” video here on Youtube. Woot! (And yes, I know this blog post is going up on Monday, but the original vid was posted last Wednesday so there.)

I’m doing a review of fellow Beer Geek Nation member Jamison’s William Wallace Scotch Ale.

Here’s the info he sent me on the beer:

Did a 90 min boil Used Scottish Ale Yeast Wyeast 1728 made a 3 L starter for it.

aged on 2 oz of french oak cubes soaked in Ardbeg 10 and 2 oz of American oak cubes soaked on Ardbeg 10. The Oak and Ardbeg went into the beer and aged for 6 weeks in secondary. Its 14% ABV.

17 LB American 2 row
2 LB Crystal 60
1 LB Crystal 90
3 LB Rye Malt
1 LB Peated Malt

2 oz of Chinook Pellets 13 AA 45 IBU’s

Great brew Jamison. Cheers!


Olde Hickory Black Raven Black IPA (Video)

The first beer sent to me in trade with Tommy. The rest will be coming shortly.

This video is a bit longer than usual because I’ve had and reviewed several Black IPAs in the last couple of weeks, and I spend some time musing about the style. Is it really all that new? Will it stick around, or is it just a fad? I’d be interested in getting comments on those kinds of issues, and may make a more involved video on the topic down the road.

Beyond the Pour grade: B+

Soda Review: Sprecher Puma Kola (Video)

A soda review? Well, yeah.

Chad has been doing soda, energy drink, and other non-beer reviews for about a year now, and challenged all of us other video beer reviewers to give it a shot. To sweeten the pot, he said he’d throw in ten bucks to the Red Cross if we did one, or twenty if we did two. So I shot two.

This is the first, a soda made by Sprecher in Wisconsin. They make some pretty “okay” beers, and apparently also some pretty “okay” sodas. I call this a “root beer” a couple of times in the review, but that’s a slip of the tongue — it’s just a soda, although it has some root-beer-like characteristics.