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CORRECTED AUDIO: Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 15: The Ratebeer “Best Of” Awards, Beer Snobbery, and Ding!

We’re back again with another delayed episode, this time delayed just because I’ve been busy enough not to have time to edit it. Sorry. I’ve done a light editing job here and I haven’t created a roadmap for you this time, but I’ll be better in future episodes, I promise. 


NOTE: This episode originally ran with a slowed-down piece of audio at the beginning. The version currently uploaded should be good. Email beyondthepour@gmail.com if you have any problems with the audio.


Ommegang Hennepin (Video)

Chad sent me this bottle partly to see whether he just doesn’t “get” saisons, as he’s never really found one he likes, while I’m a fan of the style. Since I’m doing his entire box of beer in one go, he asked if I wouldn’t mind doing a collab with him and I agreed.

Beyond the Pour grade: A-
(You’ll have to watch the video to see what rating Chad gave it, though!)

Note: I meant to post this yesterday but Youtube ate my homework.

Green Flash Chuckvar (Fizzy Yellow Beer)

This is a collaborative review with fellow BGN member StumpyJoeJr.

He sent me a bottle of this special bottling of Fizzy Yellow Beer (labelled Chuckvar) since I’ve been to the Czech Republic and can compare this to the beers I had there. It’s sort of a “west coast” Czech Pilsner — a bit overly hoppy — but it would sit very nicely with the true Czech lagers I had in country.

I’m sorry if I seem a bit overly critical in this review. It’s a great beer, but I felt the need to really dig down and give a specific impression of how it compares to my year-old memories of Pilsner Urquell in country.

Beyond the Pour grade: A-