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Deep Ellium Brewing Double Brown Stout

Another beer from Lidney. I’m honestly not sure how many I have left.


(Sorry for the too-aggressive pour. Sometimes a problem with cans I find.)

I’m amazed at this genre until known more or less unknown to me of stouts made primarily with brown malt. It’s a very classically English stout thing to do, but now I’ve had a couple in the States which have a very nutty brown malt quality. It’s nice, and something I’ll probably do in a homebrew sooner or later.

On to the review.

Pours dark brown/black with a creamy brown head that dissipates pretty quickly. Nuttiness on the nose is apparent before I even really stick my schnoz in. Beneath that some coffee, caramel, earthy pungent hoppiness. Definitely some dark roasted chocolate in there as well.

Flavor? Again with the dark chocolate. A hint of spicy pine from the hops perhaps? Finishes with a dry and astringent finish that fades into an aftertaste of chocolate malt. The can claims this is 7% ABV and that feels about right — I don’t taste any booze but it’d probably be well hidden by the malt.

All in all a very nice and roasty stout. I’d definitely throw this in the rotation if I could get it regularly.

Rating: B+


Keegan Ales Mother’s Milk (Video)

The last of seven beers sent to me by Chad. I saved this one for last as I’m a big fan of milk stouts, and I’d heard really nice things about this one. It ALMOST lived up to the hype.

Otter Creek Brewing Wolaver’s Oatmeal Stout (Video)

The fourth beer sent to me by of Chad’z Beer Reviews. I didn’t realize when shooting that this is actually made by the Mendocino brewery, whose beers I’ve actually had before. This one is an all-organic Oatmeal Stout. I’ve not generally been a fan of organic beers, but this one is actually pretty solid.

Taste-wise, it is more of a porter than a stout however.

Beyond the Pour grade: B