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Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 16: What Craft Beer Fans Think (But Don’t Say)

A long-overdue (and just plain long) podcast this time. We talk for nearly two hours about a wide range of topics, but mostly focusing on a piece posted at First We Feast, a website I didn’t even know about. The article is entitled “15 Things Craft Beer Fans Think (But Nobody Says)” (Link) and is probably worth a read, especially when we get to that part of the conversation.

Ryan and I are joined by Jamison, a fellow Beertuber whose channel can be found in the bar to your right over there. Go give him some love — he’ll appreciate it.

And with that, here’s the show:


0:00 – 1:25 Introductions and salutations

1:25 to 7:45 What we’ve been drinking. In honor of the then-current attacks on the Boston Marathon, I had a Sam Adams Boston Lager, a classic of craft beer with undeniable historical importance. Jamison’s having a Deschutes Abyss 2011, which is slightly oxidized but still awesome. Ryan’s drinking the most recent batch of Stone’s Enjoy By IPA, the 5/17 batch.

7:45 to 15:16 A brief discussion of the latest Stone IRS “Odd Years” release. I had a bottle which I found to be very coffee-forward, while Ryan had a bottle with hardly any coffee at all. We speculate a bit about why that is.

15:16 to 22:25 We have a celebrity on the podcast! Our own Ryan Reschan won the Stone AHA Rally with a buddy of his, and had a beer of his brewed at Stone. Of course I asked him to describe the experience.

22:25 to 31:08 AB Inbev has allegedly watered down their beer, and a class action lawsuit is pending against them. We spend a few minutes talking about the issue.

31:08 to 42:36 The polotmavy beer style has been added to Ratebeer, which was a big deal to several Czech beer bloggers I read. It’s a great style that gets overlooked (as much of the beer from the Czech Republic does) so hopefully this means the American craft beer scene will start to recognize more styles from that country.

42:36 to 1:56:28 Our main topic. An article published mere hours before we recorded called “15 Things Craft Beer Fans Think (But Nobody Says). Check out the article here. This is a long and meandering segment in which the three of us get progressively more drunk, and it’s best to just listen to it all at once.