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Nightly Beers, 2013-08-24

Another long workday, ready for a couple of beers and leftover dinner.

First, a single bottle of Short’s Controversius Maximus. Definitely overly sweet for me, although I’ve heard that this bottle may be way older than it should be for a DIPA. You definitely get the alcohol burn here. I’m a big fan of ControversiALE (formerly Hangin’ Frank) but this one isn’t quite for me.

Short's Controversius Maximus DIPA

Short’s Controversius Maximus DIPA

All right, onto the next beer, Founders Red’s “Rye PA.” Formerly a year-round, but apparently really expensive to produce, so they’ve turned it into a seasonal four-pack. Since this is probably my all-time favorite rye beer, I was definitely interested in trying it, especially since at the time of this writing this bottle is all of eleven days old.

You definitely get more of that earthy funk from the rye than I remember in this beer, but I don’t think I’ve ever had it this fresh. Nice sweetness from that amber malt character. (Added via crystal malt? You can never be sure with these kinds of beers.) Just as dank as the Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye, but much more drinkable. I think if anything they’ve made this beer better by turning it from a year-round to a seasonal.


That’s it for the night. Cheers to all.


Short’s Bludgeon Yer Eye Black IPA

Short's Bludgeon Yer Eye Black IPAShort’s Bludgeon Yer Eye IPA
Elk Rapids, MI
ABV Unknown

This whole Black IPA style hasn’t quite been for me. The first one I had was Stone’s Sublimely Self Righteous Ale, which I found kinda “meh.” Since then, I’ve had maybe a dozen, some good, some not, but none has quite been out of this world. Is this a style that’ll stick around, or is it just a flash in the pan?

Anyway, today I’m talking about Short’s Bludgeon Yer Eye IPA. It’s another one of their limited-release bottlings, and it’ll be out of stock in the area within the next day or so. I’ve always said this is a weird business model for Short’s, but they seem to be making plenty of money so who am I to question them?

Pours jet black with a thick yellow-white head. Tons of lacing on the sides of the glass. Smells strongly of citrus with a bit of spicy hop, with lots of licorice and black patent malt underneath. Roasty, dry, caramel qualities rise to the surface.Short's Bludgeon Yer Eye Black IPA

Flavor is very well-balanced between the roasty characteristics and the citrusy hops. There’s just enough of a spice quality to keep the beer interesting, and balance out what might have been overwhelming sweetness from the citrus. I wouldn’t want more than one or two of this, but as an occasional treat it’s pretty nice.

Beyond the Pour grade: B