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Video Review: Green Flash Le Freak

I don’t have much to say that isn’t in the video, so just watch and enjoy.

I’m planning on doing a viewer/reader response video for next Friday, so if you’ve got questions/comments you want me to respond to, place them somewhere I can see them in the next few days.


Solo Beer Chat 1: National Beer Brands

Those of you obsessed with me (ladies) are already aware of the new project I’m doing where I open a beer, drink through it, and talk about some issue related to the craft beer industry (or my life) in the process. The video ends when the beer is over, which makes it easy for me to edit but also makes for long, sometimes meandering videos.

Well, now I’m adding the content for the podcast. I’ve used Audacity to clean up the audio for the podcast, but otherwise the content is the same. This is meant for those who (like me) would rather take the audio with them rather than watch the video on Youtube. This is an experiment, so we’ll see what the stats look like after a few weeks when determining whether I continue on this path.


Show Notes

0:00 to 3:00 Introductions and Green Flash West Coast IPA
3:00 to 6:24 The place for national beer brands
6:24 to 9:12 Talking about personal issues With a couple of members of the beertube community
9:12 to 14:50 The future of beer (Spoiler alert! Hopefully local, innovative, and high-quality.)
14:50 to Finishing the beer and finishing the video.

Lee’s great video talking about our fellow Beertubers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtX4hFVqF8o

Green Flash Chuckvar (Fizzy Yellow Beer)

This is a collaborative review with fellow BGN member StumpyJoeJr.

He sent me a bottle of this special bottling of Fizzy Yellow Beer (labelled Chuckvar) since I’ve been to the Czech Republic and can compare this to the beers I had there. It’s sort of a “west coast” Czech Pilsner — a bit overly hoppy — but it would sit very nicely with the true Czech lagers I had in country.

I’m sorry if I seem a bit overly critical in this review. It’s a great beer, but I felt the need to really dig down and give a specific impression of how it compares to my year-old memories of Pilsner Urquell in country.

Beyond the Pour grade: A-