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Southern Tier 2XIPA

Yeah, I know I look like hell. I had a rough day at work and I desperately need a haircut. I completely forgot about International IPA Day until this morning, and I had already uploaded a vid. Doesn’t mean I can’t bang out a text review, though.

I’m sure I’ve had this beer before, but it’s been awhile Chad lives not too far from Southern Tier and has reviewed just about all of them, which kind of takes them off my radar a bit.

Pours dark yellow/light orange with a thick white head that dissipates pretty quickly. Some carbonation comes from the bottom of the glass. Smells strongly of citrus, nice orange notes, hints of breadiness and a bit of pine. Tastes pretty similar, with a strong “orange juicey” aftertaste. It’s a very sweet IPA, but with a nice bitterness that helps balance it out. I’m not always a fan of big citrus bomb IPAs — I find them a bit one note — but the bready malt backbone helps to make this one stand out a bit better.

The orange quality also fades a bit as I get deeper into the beer, and is replaced by stronger pine notes. Pretty well balanced between sweet sticky hop qualities and more abrasive bitter ones. This won’t be an every day IPA for me, but it’s a solid offering from a solid brewery. You could do a lot worse.

Beyond the Pour rating: B

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest 2011

So I did a video review of the Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale last year, which means that I’m not really interested in shooting another review for this year’s batch. Even if that was very early in my video reviews, so the video basically sucked donkey balls. Instead I’m going to use this year’s version as an excuse to get back into text reviews. Just got off from work so it should be a nice refreshing beer.

Pours a dark coppery orange color with a thick slightly off-white head. Leaves significant lacing on the glass. I could smell the earthy spicy hops the second I cracked the cap on the bottle, and in the glass it’s even more impressive. Nice golden malt notes underneath, very bready and biscuity, with slight caramel notes.

Damn this beer goes down smooth. Clean bready sweet malt balances beautifully with the spicy earthy hop character. The hops leave a slightly metallic spicy “sting” on my palate and tongue after the beer finishes. I’m not sure how fresh this bottle is but the hop character tastes quite nice regardless — perhaps it could have a bit more of that “bright” bitterness as opposed to the spicy quality here, but it’s a perfectly good sessioner.

The issue with these fresh-hop beers is that despite their drinkability, which would make them good everyday beers, they’re by definition only briefly available once (or, if you’re Sierra Nevada and want to import fresh hops from New Zealand, twice) a year. The expense of getting hops that fresh also makes these beers a bit pricey — $6.99 for a 25oz bottle isn’t crazy expensive, but it’s more than I’d pay for a simple sessionable pale ale. Overall, a solid beer, well-put-together, but nothing really worth dying for. In other words, a perfectly “Sierra Nevada” kind of product.

Beyond the Pour rating: B