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Beyond the Pour Episode 19: Session IPAs and Ryan Goes To England

Sorry for the long hiatus. We’re definitely working on it. But look! New content!

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Show Notes:
0:00 to 8:14 What we’re drinking right now. Ryan’s been doing a ton of homebrew, including a barrel-aged stout. Also Pizza Port Swami IPA in cans. On the mike now: a two-year old bottle of Arcadia Shipwreck Porter from Battle Creek MI. Daniel’s drinking the Paw Paw Brewing KUA (Kalamazoo Urban Assault).
8:14 to 22:46 Session IPAs and general bullshit. Does the term “Session IPA” mean anything? The pleasure of low-abv beers as being some of the greatest beer geek experiences.
22:46 to 31:00 The IPA-ification of craft beer.
31:00 to end Ryan’s trip to England (with a side trip to Brussels). Also: the ascendancy of saison.


Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 18 (with Bonus Episode!)

There’s about two and a half hours of content here, so hopefully no one’s disappointed on length at least. In the main episode, Jamison, Lee, and I discuss what we’ve been drinking, the “craft vs. crafty” distinction, and beer cultures around the world. We also play a little beer geek game around barrel-aged beer. In the bonus episode, Rob Derbyshire of Hopzine and I have a long and free-flowing conversation about the UK beer scene, craft beer vs. real ale, and a wide variety of other topics. If you listen carefully I even make a Doctor Who joke!

Main episode:


Show notes:

0:00 to 17:40 Introductions and what we’ve been drinking. Jamison: Deschutes Jubelale, Scotch Silly, Firestone Walker Parabola. Lee: Boxing Rock Vicar’s Cross DIPA, 2012 Oskar Blues Ten Fidy. Daniel: Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf, various other Three Floyds beers, and a visit to Revolution Brewing in Chicago. Different kinds of experiences at breweries and brewpubs?
17:40 to 25:55 BrewDog’s definition of “craft beer” for the European market.
25:55 to 46:40 That leads into the “craft vs crafty” distinction which has been a major conversation piece in beer blogs for the last few months. Does it make sense to make a distinction between a true local brewery vs. a large corporation if we don’t make that distinction in other areas of our lives? What happens if and when large American breweries start to make really good beers? Is that even possible?
46:40 to 1:14:27 Beer culture around the world. Also, we respond to a few of our live comments.
1:14:27 to 1:27:22 A barrel-aging beer game Jamison came up with. Fun!
1:27:22 to 1:29:21 Wrapping up and where to find our stuff on the internet.

Jamison’s review of George T. Stagg Jr.

Bonus episode with Rob from Hopzine:


I didn’t keep show notes for the bonus episode, but it’s a fun listen. Check it out. For a good taste of Rob, check out his review of a fresh bottle of Stone Ruination here.

Hyperlocalization and Brewpubs: A Response to Elharlock

So, in response to my video the other day, fellow Beertuber Lee (a href =””>channel here) gave a video response talking about Canadian beer brands, national and local, and how the Canadian beer scene differs from the American scene.

It’s an excellent discussion of those issues, and Lee’s a great personality, so you should definitely check out the vid. (Lee’s also been on the podcast a couple of times, and I consider him a friend, so there!)

My response is below. I basically just clarify a bit of the original video regarding breweries vs. brewpubs: when I speak of the hyper-locality of the future of craft beer, I’m thinking more in terms of having your local (non- or limited-bottling) brewpub that serves as your go-to spot for day-to-day beer, as opposed to a network of ten thousand bottling breweries fighting for their slice of the pie. I don’t think I mention this in the video, but in the brewing cities of Europe in the middle ages up through industrialization, most beer was made in “home breweries” that operated much the way a bakery might work today. Small, local, artisinal brewers making decent beer to serve to those in the neighborhoods around them sounds like a great future for craft beer in America (and anywhere else, for that matter.)

Of course, opinions vary, so please feel free to leave yours in the comments below. I’m going to be doing a “respond to comments” video soon, so look forward to that.

0:00 to 0:47 Introductions
0:47 to 2:35 Talking about brewpubs as hyperlocal beer
2:35 to 4:05 Kalamazoo as a hyperlocal beer market? Maybe?
4:15 to end Thanking Lee for his response and learning a bit about craft beer in Canada.

Solo Beer Chat 1: National Beer Brands

Those of you obsessed with me (ladies) are already aware of the new project I’m doing where I open a beer, drink through it, and talk about some issue related to the craft beer industry (or my life) in the process. The video ends when the beer is over, which makes it easy for me to edit but also makes for long, sometimes meandering videos.

Well, now I’m adding the content for the podcast. I’ve used Audacity to clean up the audio for the podcast, but otherwise the content is the same. This is meant for those who (like me) would rather take the audio with them rather than watch the video on Youtube. This is an experiment, so we’ll see what the stats look like after a few weeks when determining whether I continue on this path.


Show Notes

0:00 to 3:00 Introductions and Green Flash West Coast IPA
3:00 to 6:24 The place for national beer brands
6:24 to 9:12 Talking about personal issues With a couple of members of the beertube community
9:12 to 14:50 The future of beer (Spoiler alert! Hopefully local, innovative, and high-quality.)
14:50 to Finishing the beer and finishing the video.

Lee’s great video talking about our fellow Beertubers:

Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 14: Catching Up is Hard to Do

I’ve been terrible about posting in this spot lately. What can I say? Classes have taken up about 113% of my available time, and I’ve just not had the opportunity to post stuff here. 

Anyway, I’m trying to be better. So here’s the most recent podcast episode in which Ryan and I catch up on what’s been going on when we haven’t been podcasting. I didn’t put together show notes for this episode (sorry) but it’s a fun listen. If you’ve missed prior episodes, you can check out our iTunes page here.

Episode 14: Catching Up is Hard to Do

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PS I think our last episode got a little lost in the mix, so I’m going to post it here as well. We’re joined by Youtube’s own Tantrum777, our fellow Youtube beer reviewer Jamison, and talk about rare beer culture and our personal top five historically-important beers. It was a fun episode, and it’s a bit underseen, so I figured I’d point it out here as well.

Episode 13: Rare Beer Culture and a Top Five
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Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 11: Introduction to Beer Geekery

It’s been awhile since the last BtP episode, and I know people are just chomping at the bit for it… right? Probably not, but I apologize for the delay nonetheless. This was recorded about three weeks ago, and given a combination of work, school, and personal life I’ve just now gotten around to editing and posting it.

This week we decided to do an episode about getting started in craft beer, strategies for navigating the often-confusing world of barley, hops, and yeast for the new enthusiast. The conversation gets a lot more wide-ranging, and we do ramble on a bit, but it’s all in good fun.

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Show Notes

0:00 to 1:05: Introductions and Salutations! This episode Ryan and I are joined by Winton, aka Beerichituba/Yuichituba on Youtube, the man who originally coined the term “beertuber.” He’s a buddy of ours so we’re all too happy to have him.

1:05 to 6:57: Winton’s in Utah at the moment, and is drinking a Uinta Anniversary Barleywine. For some reason it turns out there’s significantly less Pliny the Elder in Utah than in his hometown of San Francisco! Who would’ve thought? Ryan’s drinking the Firestone Walker Reserve Porter, because who can argue with that? It’s at least fifteen months old, and he’s still getting hops! Amazing. I’m drinking a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, because at the time of this recording DFH had just come back to my market, and why not?

6:57 to 18:10: Our main topic: Getting started in craft beer. Winton just tried the Conflux #1 from Deschutes, and found it to be, well, a bit much. A blend of several different beers, aged in several different barrels, then blended. Is it worth it, especially at the price point? Can even a very sophisticated palate really get the complexity?

18:10 to 40:07: An extension of the above (it’s all based on trying to share great beer with new drinkers this time). Ryan’s been reading the last Zymurgy magazine which has a piece from Stan Hieronymus of on “Beer Rules.” It turns out this whole list is on his website, which you can find here: We spend a lot of time on this list, and could’ve probably spun every single item on that list into its own episode, so definitely check it out and send us comments at if you have thoughts.

40:07 to 41:30: Interlude. I have two musicians on this show, and yet I have no official theme song. What gives?

41:30 to 103:35: The official main topic! Finally! (Just kidding, guys.) Introducing new people to beer. You’ve had that first great beer, the one that convinced you that beer could be great, where do you go next? I get ideas from the guys to share with the world. (Hint: The BeerAdvocate Top 100 list is not the place for you right now.) Winton recommends finding food flavors that you like and match beers that way. Ryan says to try all the beers from a particular brewery you like. Both say try pretty much everything and go from there. Or maybe just pick a style you like and go from there.

103:35 to end: We took a little break and came back with more beer. I found another bottle of the Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary, so of course I’m drinking that. Winton’s still working on his Uinta Anniversary Barleywine, because apparently he can’t drink a beer properly (I kid!) and Ryan’s doing some homebrew. I decided to let this episode run a bit long because I had had a bottle share with a couple of friends of mine who are still getting into craft beer, and wanted to share with my audience. We get a little more unfocused during this section of the podcast, but there’s some fun stuff in here.

Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 10: The Homebrew Episode (With Special Guest Chad from Chad’z Beer Reviews)

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded an episode. Ryan and I recorded an episode a few weeks ago, but I had technical issues in the editing and that one will likely never see the light of day. We make occasional reference to it in this episode (which was recorded before I had discovered the technical issues in the last one) so sorry about that.

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Anyway, in this episode Chad from Chad’z Beer Reviews joins us for a conversation about homebrewing and other topic. Chad has recently gotten into homebrewing, so I figured it’d be interesting to ask him what he’d learned in the process.

I’m trying to get on a more regular schedule of posting this podcast, but my class and work schedule has been insane lately. Sorry.

0:00 to 0:40 A quick administrative note.

0:40 to 8:20 Introductions and what we’ve been drinking. Regular co-host Ryan and I are joined by fellow Youtube beer reviewer Chad9976 of Chad’z Beer Reviews, and he’s been drinking a ton of homebrew, having recently gotten into the hobby. He also recently tried Kona’s Coffee Porter. Ryan is drinking on a Coronado Double Dorado, a local Double IPA that has only recently come back into bottles from an approximately two year absence. Me? I’m checking out a Samuel Adams Noble Pils, a beer that I haven’t had in several years and have realized I’ve been completley wrong about. I also have been drinking quite a bit about the Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary IPA, which you should definitely try if it’s in your market and still fresh at the time you listen to this episode.

8:20 to 11:53 Grupo Modelo has been bought by AB Inbev. What does this mean, really?

11:53 to 14:18 Green Flash opening up an east coast brewery. Yet again microbreweries are expanding. A theme for the podcast so far.

14:18 to 20:52 Our feature topic: Homebrewing. Chad mailed us both a bottle of one of his buddy Shaun’s homebrews, which we reviewed with him for his Youtube channel, and I thought it’d be a great thing to be able to talk with Chad about his newfound homebrew hobby and what he’s learned about beer since starting a couple of months ago. Chad talks about the basics of sanitation and hop additions.

20:52 to 28:24 Chad is interested in learning to make wild beers. We go off on a significant tangent here about the theory and practice, despite the fact that none of us have ever made a sour beer. Whoops. I make reference to the Mad Fermentationist in this section.

28:24 to 31:58 The fermentation temperature discussion. Ryan calls this the most critical part of homebrewing. Ale brewing in the basement, and the possibility of lager brewing during the winter.

31:58 to 37:15 After a pee break, we come back into some other areas. Chad wanted to talk about a couple of his brewery pet peeves, and talks about lack of ABV listing on the bottle, and bottle dating.

37:15 to 54:35 The retailer’s responsibility for fresh beer? Versus the brewery’s responsibility to only sell beers across the country that can take some age?

54:35 to 1:03:14 Our favorite local breweries. Also our favorite local places to drink, and stuff that’s pretty much always in our fridge.

Check out Chad’z Youtube channel here. Also check out Ryan, Chad, and myself reviewing one of Chad’z friend’s homebrews here.