2nd Shift Art of Neurosis IPA

Sorry it’s been a fews days since I’ve posted. I’ve had a couple of beers but away from the computer so I took notes to post later.

This one isn’t from Lidney, but from another friend Russ who came into town for the Medieval Congress a couple of weeks back. I opened it up to drink while I was washing dishes and making dinner. As such, I don’t have detailed notes.


Overall thoughts? Crazy drinkable, highly grapefruit-rindy, and with a ton of citrus character. At 7.5% I wouldn’t expect any booze and there is none. Drinks easy and finishes clean. A superior IPA.

I gave a few sips to a non-beer-drinking friend and he enjoyed it despite “not liking beer.” Max, I’ll get you into IPAs yet.

No rating since I wasn’t really paying close attention to this one. Somewhere in the B range most likely.


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Chemist, rationalist, skeptic, feminist, and deeply humanist. Podcasts about Doctor Who and social justice at oispaceman.libsyn.com.

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