Beyond the Pour Episode 19: Session IPAs and Ryan Goes To England

Sorry for the long hiatus. We’re definitely working on it. But look! New content!

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Show Notes:
0:00 to 8:14 What we’re drinking right now. Ryan’s been doing a ton of homebrew, including a barrel-aged stout. Also Pizza Port Swami IPA in cans. On the mike now: a two-year old bottle of Arcadia Shipwreck Porter from Battle Creek MI. Daniel’s drinking the Paw Paw Brewing KUA (Kalamazoo Urban Assault).
8:14 to 22:46 Session IPAs and general bullshit. Does the term “Session IPA” mean anything? The pleasure of low-abv beers as being some of the greatest beer geek experiences.
22:46 to 31:00 The IPA-ification of craft beer.
31:00 to end Ryan’s trip to England (with a side trip to Brussels). Also: the ascendancy of saison.


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One response to “Beyond the Pour Episode 19: Session IPAs and Ryan Goes To England”

  1. Lee says :

    Good show, guys. I also welcome the influx of lighter ABV beers that still pack a big flavour wallop. Although I’d rather see more malty milds than I would beers that depend on hops to bring that flavour out. In this day and age where everyone is dumping any old shit in a barrel, it seems like the real challenge for the true craft brewers out there would be to make these sorts of beers and do it well. And they don’t have to be NA or Brit pale ales and milds either. Saisons, I think, are most enjoyable when they are lower in ABV, and I like how a lot of breweries are trying them now. When I was up at the Albino Rhino’s beer fest earlier this month several of the breweries there had some sort of saison/farm house beer. I just wish they were not a trendy fad that breweries feel they can charge more money for. But hopefully that attitude will soon go away.

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