Homebrew Bottling 2013-10-28 (Scotch Ale)

I finally bottled that peated Scotch Ale I’ve had in the fermenter for six months. I used a pound of peated malt in it, and holy shit can you taste it. It’ll definitely be a sipper, not a gulper. Fine by me.

Anyway, the trub at the bottom of the bottling bucket was the thickest I’ve ever seen.


Hard to tell from the photo, but it actually nearly clogged the spigot on the bottling bucket. Might be because of that three ounces of Willamette I dry-hopped with. (Maybe.)


Looks like a final gravity of 1.005 or so. Lower than anticipated. Probably end up being around 8.0-8.5% ABV. I’ll do a full review once it’s carbed up and ready to drink.


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Chemist, rationalist, skeptic, feminist, and deeply humanist. Podcasts about Doctor Who and social justice at oispaceman.libsyn.com.

4 responses to “Homebrew Bottling 2013-10-28 (Scotch Ale)”

  1. Jamison says :

    Nice! Very low gravity for a Scotch Ale! I am sure that will make the peat come out more. Why did you leave it for so long? Did you Oak Age this? Cool Home Brew update man.

    • danieleharper says :

      Yeah, I got busy and didn’t get the chance to bottle it. I figured the extra age wouldn’t hurt it any. I didn’t oak-age it, but I might do some oaking next time I do a big dark beer. I’m almost certainly sending you a bottle of this — the whole reason you haven’t gotten your box yet is because I wanted to send you some.

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