Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 17: Wood-Aged Beers and the GABF

We’re trying something new now, using Google Hangouts to record a live video stream, which I then download, pull the audio from, and annotate. Hence there are a few bugs in the overall process. Namely, apparently we missed the first minute or so of the broadcast. We’ll start the broadcast a few minutes early next time, which I’ll trim out of the finished episode. I’ve embedded the video at the bottom of the post if you prefer that version.

Download episode.

Show notes:

0:00 to 1:30 Introductions.
1:30 to 15:57 What we’ve been drinking. I talk about the Stone Double Bastard 2010 3L and Firestone Walker XVI, both of which I consumed during the Breaking Bad finale, and Short’s Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. (Don’t Panic.) Jamison was drinking a Firestone Walker Double Jack at the time of recording, and had recently had their Velvet Merkin, which had a disappointing lack of barrel character for him. He also talks a bit about a 2012/2013 vertical of Sierra Nevada Narwhal. Lee swears he hasn’t been drinking any Labatt products, and was currently drinking the third beer in the Garrison Single Hop Series, a single-hopped East Kent Goldings beer. He briefly talks about the Stone/Wil Wheaton collaboration, the Wootstout, and also talks about a local pale ale with green tea from a new Nova Scotia brewery. Ryan was drinking the R&R Coconut IPA during the show, and had had some of a 2003 3L Double Bastard at a recent bottle share. Also, yeah, a couple of Cantillons. Just because.
15:57 to 16:38 Good segues and oral sex from supermodels.
16:38 to 31:00 Beer news: Duvel-Mortgaat and Boulevard are merging.
31:00 to 58:00 Jamison wanted to talk a bit about wood-aged beers. We all assumed it was going to be a classic Jamison rant, but he ended up having a much more contemplative perspective on his topic. We go on an extended conversation about the history, use, practice, and theory of wood in beer.
58:00 to 1:19:10 Ryan just got back from the Great American Beer Fest. We talk about his experiences there, and also a lot about some of the polticial issues surrounding having your beer at the festival.
1:19:10 to 1:23:12 Wrapping up and where you can find us on the internet.

This is the article I was referencing from a Mystery Brewing co-founder entitled “Thoughts From a Brewer on NOT Winning at the GABF.” Worth a read for anyone discussing the GABF medals.

Ryan and my 500th subscriber Malt Liquor Extravaganza!


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