Solo Beer Chat 1: National Beer Brands

Those of you obsessed with me (ladies) are already aware of the new project I’m doing where I open a beer, drink through it, and talk about some issue related to the craft beer industry (or my life) in the process. The video ends when the beer is over, which makes it easy for me to edit but also makes for long, sometimes meandering videos.

Well, now I’m adding the content for the podcast. I’ve used Audacity to clean up the audio for the podcast, but otherwise the content is the same. This is meant for those who (like me) would rather take the audio with them rather than watch the video on Youtube. This is an experiment, so we’ll see what the stats look like after a few weeks when determining whether I continue on this path.


Show Notes

0:00 to 3:00 Introductions and Green Flash West Coast IPA
3:00 to 6:24 The place for national beer brands
6:24 to 9:12 Talking about personal issues With a couple of members of the beertube community
9:12 to 14:50 The future of beer (Spoiler alert! Hopefully local, innovative, and high-quality.)
14:50 to Finishing the beer and finishing the video.

Lee’s great video talking about our fellow Beertubers:


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2 responses to “Solo Beer Chat 1: National Beer Brands”

  1. Rockford Steve says :

    Great video, I have not been commenting, but I have been watching. Surprised to see that Green Flash was not available in Michigan until recently. Green Flash has been in Illinois (at least Northern Illinois) for years.

    Also, I went to school in London and was able to sample plenty of beers around the entire EU. This was about 7 years ago.

    I remember thinking to myself “the overall quality of the average brew is good and its easier to get “good beer” at a random bar but American craft beers are better overall”. I returned this summer and realized how far the US has come. Over the past few years, almost every bar I walk into and every store has some craft offerings. Hell, even some gas stations stock Bells and the like around here in Rockford now.

    Not saying that Euro beer sucks, I just think the US is leading the way right now when it comes to innovation and reliability… if that makes any sense.

  2. slickmicks says :

    Also, here in Rockford we have two brewpubs (a big accomplishment considering our rustbelt status) and have another opening. The exciting thing about the new one is it will be bottling as well. So Rockford, IL will soon have a beer to call its own. I personally am very pumped about this (though I am moving to the Suburbs of Chicago soon), and will try to get some up to you to review.

    Carlyle (a brewpub in Rockford) did keg its beers for awhile. But the demand was not present. However, I think the time is right.

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