Video Beer Review: Surly Coffee Bender

Another old video, originally shot on May 9 of this year. A friend from Minnesota came in for the Medieval Congress and brought me some Surly beers. This is the first review (the other will likely go up next week.)

Overall: not my favorite kind of coffee beer, but worth a shot if you can get it.


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Chemist, rationalist, skeptic, feminist, and deeply humanist. Podcasts about Doctor Who and social justice at

One response to “Video Beer Review: Surly Coffee Bender”

  1. robert feddersen says :

    Hey Daniel! Great stuff bro. Love Beyond The Pour my friend. Just letting you know that I will be up to Kalamazoo on Saturday Oct 26th playing at The Corner Record Shop. I will bring you some Arctic Panzer Wolf!! See you soon.

    Robert Rolfe Feddersen


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