Founders Bolt Cutter (10ish months old)

I did a video review for this one back in December, and found it a bit underwhelming. I bought a couple of bottles for trade and one to drink. Tonight, just for shits and giggles, I open this Founders 15th anniversary beer.

Founders Bolt Cutter with homemade glass.

Founders Bolt Cutter with homemade glass.

Pours very hazy, ruddy brown/orange, with a one-finger off-white head that dissipates quickly. It’s been at 60F or so in my house, and even after ten months or so I get some oxidation on the nose and flavor. It isn’t necessarily bad, even, that sherry characteristic helps to give the beer a bit of rustic complexity that keeps it interesting. Some herbal qualities present on the nose.

After half an hour, I’m getting some citrus/pine notes that are likely coming from long-subdued hops, and a certain chewy spicy quality that’s probably some kind of yeast ester. Interestingly, the alcohol is incredibly well-hidden even as the beer gets up to room temperature.

Is this a world-class beer? No. In fact, pretty much all of the Founders special releases in 750mL bottles have been disappointing on one level or another. But it’s pretty awesome stuff, and I’ll bet it’ll keep getting more interesting as it ages. If you’ve got one of these, feel free to open it now or save it for later. I’d love to hear thoughts from the peanut gallery if you’ve opened one recently.


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