CORRECTED AUDIO: Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 15: The Ratebeer “Best Of” Awards, Beer Snobbery, and Ding!

We’re back again with another delayed episode, this time delayed just because I’ve been busy enough not to have time to edit it. Sorry. I’ve done a light editing job here and I haven’t created a roadmap for you this time, but I’ll be better in future episodes, I promise. 


NOTE: This episode originally ran with a slowed-down piece of audio at the beginning. The version currently uploaded should be good. Email if you have any problems with the audio.


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2 responses to “CORRECTED AUDIO: Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 15: The Ratebeer “Best Of” Awards, Beer Snobbery, and Ding!”

  1. Chad Polenz says :

    Great podcast, guys! I was wondering if it was retired or just on an extended hiatus.

    Great topics, too. I can definitely relate to all of them.

    As far the Ratebeer/hype machine thing goes – yeah, it’s all fanboy driven. And fanboys love rarity, if they can’t get it they want it. Once they can get it, it’s passe.I actually know quite a few guys that match the description of the people you were talking about – they LITERALLY drive 4 hours to Hill Farmstead once a month (or week). I mean I love beer too but having had all the so-called greatest stuff by now I just can’t imagine wanting to spend an entire day on the road and all the money it costs on gas, tolls, meals, etc just to drink some exclusive beers. But they do so god bless em.

    Re: beer snobbery. I’ve always defined snobbery as the idea that your OPINION is superior to someone else’s. I think an opinion can obviously be better established in fact and history, and there’s certain objective features that can be argued, but the fact remains that you cannot argue taste. I think that’s what makes snobs snob – they think you CAN argue taste and that THEIR taste is superior to yours.

    Also, that was brilliant, Lee, to point out that the BMC and malt liquor swillers who call us snobs because we only like craft beer are in fact snobs themselves. I had never really considered that before, but it’s totally true.

    Lastly, when it comes to Ding I think a lot of what he says is just schtick. I think he’s playing a character or a persona online. I’ve never met him in real life and the few brief non-twitter emails/messages I’ve had with him seemed so normal that lead me to believe he’s definitely being overly dramatic online for attention. Geeks like us know that’s called trolling. Though I think in the case of his definition of “session beer” at strictly 4% and under is 100% genuine. And nope, he won’t compromise on that at all.

    Though it’s hard to get a good read on him without some kind of serious training or background in psychology. If his online persona is exactly the same as his real life personality, well, then he’s simply a bigot – plain and simple.

    I agree with Dan that you can sympathize with him up to a point, but there’s definitely a line of compromise that’s being completely ignored.

    Anyway, good podcast guys. Hope it isn’t another 6 months until the next one. And if you want another guest let me know!


  2. Jamison says :

    Great episode, just fantastic stuff.

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