Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 3: Beer Fests (AKA The Unedited Episode)

Sorry for the relatively rough form of this podcast, but I had to leave town only a day after recording this and didn’t have the time to get it quite as polished as I’d have liked to. I figure getting these out on a regular schedule but with a bit of “roughness” is better than making you guys wait a week and a half to get the content.

Anyway, the conversation in this episode is a bit less formal than in the last two. I think Ryan and I are really getting to the point of comfort with the podcast, and I’m excited to keep sharing it with him and with our listeners.

Download here.

Show Notes:

John Conlin’s rant over at the Aleheads website about the three-tier system and “Prettiest Girl at the Dance” craft breweries. Warts and all, this is probably the best defense of the three-tier system I’ve seen, and it’s worth a look. (Also check out the Aleheads podcast sometime — it’s excellent.)

Somebody (likely from LA) put a growler of Alpine’s Exponential Hoppiness on Ebay, and the brewery announced that they would no longer package the product. Fair response? What is it about the gray market for beers on Ebay anyway? Has trading gotten a little insane?

All that, and some Zombie Dust too. Thanks for listening!


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2 responses to “Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode 3: Beer Fests (AKA The Unedited Episode)”

  1. drinklikafish says :

    Very cool podcast gents, need a guest host? Hahaha

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