Beyond the Pour Podcast Episode Two: When Can You Say You’ve “Had” A Beer?

A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short on this one. Ryan and I recorded this one late last week, and it took me a bit of extra time to get it edited and posted.

I’ve switched hosting sites, and if you’re looking for an RSS feed for the podcast itself you can find it here.

To those waiting for it, yes, I’m working diligently to get this onto iTunes. Hopefully by the time of the next episode we’ll be up and running.

Download here.

Show Notes

0:00 to 19:53 What we’ve been drinking lately. Ryan went to the “Brewbies” fundraiser and enjoyed Pliny the Younger among many other great things, and I’m drinking a Fuller’s ESB to break up all the hoppy beers and high-end specialty releases (like Bell’s Black Note) that I’ve been having lately. We digress a bit and also discuss some of the pitfalls of these sorts of super-rare releases and what it means for the industry.

19:53-26:45 Magic Hat founder says beer geeks “one of the industry’s problems.” Are beer geeks dismissive of sessionable, grocery-store type beers? Should we be?

26:45 to 35:33 Flying Dog rep in DC alleges draft line payola scandal on Twitter. Beer industry professionals and commentators respond on Twitter The ugly side of standard industry practice?

35:33 to 49:53 Our feature conversation: how do you know when you’ve “had” a beer? How many ounces is too few? Is “ticking” a reasonable thing?

Related: Beer Tickers free on Hulu.

Thanks as always for listening, and please comment if you’re so inclined. Cheers!


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