Beyond the Pour Epic Bottle Share (Video 2 of 3)

This is a continuation of the beers shared on the night of video 1. Video 3 will include footage shot the following night, my last night in San Diego.

We took some well-needed advice from Chris Steltz, upped the pace and the tempo of the bottle share, and I suspect made a more entertaining video.

As noted before, I didn’t film everything we opened and you should watch the other BGNer’s channels to make sure you see all the bottles we recorded. There were also quite a few bottles that no one recorded, but we got a fair chunk of it.

0:00 to 3:35 Ithaca White Gold
3:35 to 6:18 Coronado Barrel-Aged Barleywine
6:18 to 9:27 Alpine Nelson
9:27 to 13:57 Midnight Sun TREAT



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