Beyond the Pour Goes to San Diego Beer Week Day 3

This was my third day in San Diego, Saturday November 5. This was the day of the big brewer’s festival at which I didn’t shoot any video as I was feeling under the weather due to a combination of jet lag and hangover. The other guys shot plenty of video in my stead, I promise.

This video starts with me doing about the most touristy thing I did all week, then moves back to Ryan’s house for a discussion of the growler of Double Dry Hopped Ruination he had bought at Stone. Finally we stop by Churchill’s, a local English pub with fantastic San Diego beer, for Green Flash night and some food. We also split a bottle of Churchill’s Finest Hour between the four of us.

0:00 to 0:47 The Beach!
0:47 to 5:43 Double Dry-Hopped Ruination Growler
5:43 to 12:04 Beers at Churchills, merriment!
12:04 to 17:04 Churchill’s Finest Hour Imperial Stout



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