Norrebro Bryghus North Bridge Extreme Imperial IPA (Video)

This one almost made it in as part of Viewer Request Month. Fellow BGNer Peter long ago requested that I do more Danish craft beers, but we don’t get any in my area. When I took a trip up to Grand Rapids, I picked up this Imperial IPA.

Anyway, it’s called an Imperial IPA on the label. But based on how long it had been sitting on the shelf, I was guessing it was more of a strong barleywine by now. Tasting the beer, it turns out I was right. Which made for an interesting (if a bit long) review, as I’m trying to process it both as an “aged DIPA” and as a new barleywine.

Either way, I gave it a rating. It’s a pretty solid beer, so long as you don’t consider the Imperial IPA label.

Beyond the Pour grade: B


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