Homebrew 2011-07-18 Off-Kilter English IPA

I actually brewed this a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t have the time to fit the video in given all the requests I was doing last month. I actually bottled this beer today before uploading the vid.

So I needed something that I could take with me on a trip to Kentucky this month and could share with people who may or may not be fans of craft beer. I thought a nice citrusy non-aggressive English-style IPA might be just what the doctor ordered. I’m calling this an “off-kilter” English IPA since I included one “weird” ingredient in the malt bill (the rye) and another “weird” ingredient in the hop schedule (late addition Citra).

You can view the final recipe here although I also have it listed in the video.

(I also taste the whiskey in which the oak for the whiskey wheatwine has been aging if you want to watch a really amusing bit of tasting.)


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Chemist, rationalist, skeptic, feminist, and deeply humanist. Podcasts about Doctor Who and social justice at oispaceman.libsyn.com.

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